Alina Berdnykova
Founder & Model Agent


theAGENT-ua is a boutique model agency with 360° service offering quality guidance and worldwide management to its models, covering Ukrainian market too and can provide its models with work while staying home.


We represent Ukrainian models who are represented by well-known partners of the modelling business. 


theAGENT-ua emphasis on its relationships with its clients by careful selecting of the models with the goal to make a perfect match. Image and reputation are the main driving factors of theAGENT-ua. 



Kindly check available models for your projects via general@theagent-ua.com /
+38 096 4004 385 WhatsApp



If you are sure you have an eye on modeling faces and there is to propose any, feel free to email on general@theagent-ua.com with digitals of the submission.


Considering female models:                   Age 14+ / Height 175-181cm


Submitting a model:

  • Name
  • Hight & measurements, age
  • 2 videos: walking & introduction
    (by smartphone, in a bikini with no make up on, day-light and shadeless wall)
  • IG links & phone number, city